Do you want customer retention ?

Suades automatically creates a profile for each customer, observing his behaviou and offers purchase recommendations which are consistent with their interests and needs.

Do you want to reduce shopping cart abandonment ?

Suades allows you to provide customers with the products they really want. It simplifies the decision-making process of the customers and prevents their abandonment from your web page.

Do you want to turn visitors into customers ?

Suades is able to guess the interests of the visitors who have never purchased by increasing the chance that they could eventually become customers.

Do you want to increase your sales ?

Suades automatically shows the purchase recommendations on your website or sends them by e-mail by creating opportunities for cross-and up-selling.

Do you want to learn more about your customers ?

Suades provides detailed reports through which you can understand why and what products you are selling and who is buying them.


Suades is able to understand customers’ attitudes and behaviors across multiple channels and allows you to create a true "one to one" relationship.

Suades allows you to:

- customize purchase recommendations on your website

- target advertising with customer’s preferences

- communicate at the right time and in the right situation

- improve the customer satisfaction and increase sales profitability with clever advertising by creating new purchase opportunities

- target email marketing campaigns to provide the appreciated products and the most appropriate message to each individual and specific customer

For more information, if you want to ask for a demo , to receive a personalized quotation and for any needs, do not hesitate to contact us us and our consultants will be at your service, free of charge.

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