The project Amplita to which Conquist has given its contribution, is going to create a web portal which can grant its users (companies, employee, students, managers, etc) to interact one another in order to create a network of interests for the development of the country.
Three are the main components, realized by the Team, during the Project:
- The web portal AMPLITA, to consent the network of interests;
- The ”semantic matching “ motor MSM for the initial period;
- The Suades Recommendation System, to create automatically the selected initiatives in the user’s profile.
In particular Suades has the task to “understand” each AMPLITA user’s interests through his behaviours and automatically “to select” and to show only the initiatives of interest, especially the most important ones.

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Here below the general scheme of how Suades works.

By the term:

- Users , the types of Amplita users have been detected: employees and companies

- Products, the whole of objects which can be dealt with in the Amplita portal have been detected : business ideas, job offers, innovation requests.

- Feedback about the product, the users’ behaviours that Suades “ have been detected, in order to know the user’s interests about specific products.

suades amplita

The importation phase is divided in two phases:

- For the data extracted from existing archives through text file or xml with a suitable track.

- For the data” caught” online from the Amplita portal, through the software realized and included into the Amplita portal which communicates the feedbacks to Suades thanks to the functions provided by the Suades web server.

The clearing up phase is internal to the system and gives back the wastes of users, products and anomalous feedbacks which are different from validity rules set in the configuration phase , granting , anyway, the data processing on the not rejected data.

The processed data will be displayed for each user inside “ MY PAVILION ”.

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