If your company wants to change the traditional marketing campaigns into real Web marketing one-to one strategies and improve the company’s know-how with customer intelligence data, Suades Pro is the most suitable system for your needs.

suades pro

Choose how to us the “open”data to integrate the personalized recommendations with your marketing strategies and communication campaigns, set up the functions and modify the parameters whenever you want through a user-friendly interface.

If you company needs a simple and automatic system to create recommendations of products on your website and personalize the relationships with the customers , Suades Light is the right system for you.

suades light

Install and forget”, Suades Light personalizes your webpages, the contents through a mobile app and the newsletters with free maintenance.

Immediate upgrade to suades-pro in whatever moment.

For more information, if you want to ask for a demo , to receive a personalized quotation and for any needs, do not hesitate to contact us us and our consultants will be at your service, free of charge.

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