Other areas

Suades is able to seize whatever data item which is useful to understand the customers’ behaviours from different sources:

- Web( ex. Searches through key-words, visited pages, visit duration time….) even for not logged customers.

- CRM(ex. Effected transactions , acquired products )

- Any other source Data are used to profile customers ( behavior and interests analysis ) and to consider which products should be proposed to each customer through the right channel and at the right moment through specific and innovative algorithms. .

Suades is endowed with an intuitive graphic interface from which the system can be adapted to whatever business application and from which you can autonomously extract the elementary data for specific analyses.

Suades can be installed on a business server or in a S.a.a.S. way and the configuration phase has been effected by Conquist technicians with the help of Ingenium researchers, after analysis of the Reference Market.

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