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Suades is innovative

Most of the Recommender Systems (and also CRM, mailing, newsletter, etc) suggest products that a user would have bought, anyway, according to his profile. Consequently, the calculation of the products to be suggested to the customers becomes a mere market forecast. Even if this kind of approach works very well, we wonder about why we recommend a product that a user would have bought ,anyway. On the contrary, SUADES directly learns from the same recommendations and from the historical and on-line behaviors , by effecting calculations based on innovative algorithms. So it follows a new kind of calculation of the recommendations which is the most innovative approach of the market.

Suades is much more than a tool for Web marketing

Traditional systems are limited to suggest to customers the products that interest them. Other systems are limited to automate customers communications. Still others make online advertising more dynamic. Suades integrates all these functions into one integrated web marketing "one to one" tool.

Suades is flexible

Personalizing communications with customers means even editing them later and considering all the other situations. A lot of systems that promise the improvement of your online marketing are too rigid. Suades allows you to manage relationships with customers in the best way at every stage of the life cycle.

Suades is not invasive

SUADES has been planned to adapt to every data source , provided that it is useful to the knowledge of the purchase behaviors or the customers’ interests. All input data forms are personalized by graphic software and the Saas’s use makes Suades little invasive for the customer information system or website from which to collect and to send data back.

Suades works

Suades performs better than traditional Recommender Systems: 

- Accuracy: + 20% 

- Trust: + 4%

- Sales: + 50%



SUADES ensures a technical support and expert advice to meet every request. For our customers we are real partners. Suades installs quicklyand it can be perfectly integrated with the information systems of your company and does not involve other expenses of management or of software and hardware maintenance. The system ensures maximum security of data processed and high stability.


For more information, if you want to ask for a demo , to receive a personalized quotation and for any needs, do not hesitate to contact us us and our consultants will be at your service, free of charge.

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